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Do you know what makes a great fridge pick? Fresh and healthy ingredients. They make for a much healthier alternative to the canned or frozen foods we all go through at home. This is especially true if you are someone who loves to cook! If you’re looking for some easy and delicious ways to add flavor and texture to your fridge, check out these five recipes! Think fresh and crisp! Refrigerator pickiness smells and tastes exactly like that too! The more natural the better when it comes to food storage. Refrigerator pickiness has its unique smell— kind of like an onion that’s been left in the frig for way too long. That’s why it’s so important to add flavors from other sources like herbs and spices, condiments, etc. – so that it doesn’t smell as bad in your fridge as it does on you! Here are simple yet flavorful recipes that will bring freshness and new life into your fridge with these helpful tips:

Go with your gut instinct first
It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you’re not sure how to add flavor to your fridge, always go with your gut feeling first. If you’re not a huge fan of spicy foods, go with mild. If you don’t like onions or peppers, go with the flavorless green. This is the most important tip of all! You don’t know what you don’t know. So, work your way up from the basics. This means experimenting and trying new things until you find your perfect balance!

 Use hot peppers, onions, and garlic
If you love spicy foods, you’re in luck! Hot peppers, onions, and garlic are the best things to add flavor to your fridge. Add a pinch of cayenne or chili powder for a little more kick! One trick to keep your refrigerator from smelling too spicy is to use the space around the door as a vent. Remember: Pickiness responds best to natural smells!

Add flavor with herbs and spices
If you’re looking for some easy and delicious ways to add flavor to your fridge, look no further! Herbs and spices come in so many forms and are packed with wonderful flavor. You can also try adding a few drops of your favorite food extracts like almond, blueberry, or orange to bring out the true flavor of the food. You can even try adding other plant-based extracts like rosemary, thyme, etc. to create an even more complex flavor profile.

Use the right amount of flavoring
There is no rule saying you have to use half of this, half of that, etc. Sometimes you just want to go with a small portion. You can also use this method if you’re looking for some healthier alternatives to popular candies like M&Ms. You can simply sprinkle some additional healthy ones on top of your existing M&Ms and watch them grow on you as soon as they reach their second hand!

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